alprinta, GmbH puts ZePrA into production

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15 August 2016

Spot color conversion with ZePrA Smart Color Server in production at alprinta GmbH

Modern printing companies like alprinta have to handle constantly changing printing conditions.  In addition, exact reproduction of spot colors is exceedingly important.  alprinta serves these different requirements with specific color management and in this scenario the color server ZePrA plays a central role.

The German alprinta GmbH, with its headquarter in Leverkusen, has been successful  in the print and display production  for 30 years. Their core business lies in the area of digital and screen printing as well as display production and UV offset printing. In the area of display marketing, alprinta is one of the market leaders in Germany. This success is mainly based on 50 motivated and knowledgeable employees handling the daily business.

High requirements

Jan Lukat, Manager of the reproduction department at alprinta, describes the daily problems and requirements in his company:

”For the alprinta GmbH and its different production scenarios and variety of materials, the most important requirement for a product is: An attractive price-performance-ration of high-quality products with outstanding reliability. This requirement by itself is extraordinarily challenging. The creation of ICC- and DeviceLink profiles is already a challenge of its own. We, at alprinta, have been solving these issues for a while now by using products from ColorLogic. Nevertheless, transparency is required because there are always human beings involved and you have to consider the never ending variety of parameters of both software and hardware.“


”Worth mentioning also is the fair price-quality-level and the update policy of ColorLogic”, adds Jan Lukat.  ”For this performance, I am more than willing to pay. Especially, because ColorLogic simplifies my daily work and I am convinced that it will continue to do so in the future”.


— Jan Lukat

Flexible solution is required

”Safe production can only be ensured“,  said Lukat, ”if you reduce the whole process to the basics – or to say: Less is more! All unnecessary parameters have been switched off and we let the ColorLogic products work for us. The color server ZePrA with its new spot color module plays a central role and simplifies our life so much. Just measure a spot color once and store it in the spot color library and you will be fascinated to see how this color will be reproduced to the point even on different material and with a variety of printing conditions. Print related shifts may also easily be taken into consideration by using the gradation module in ZePrA. Overall we are really happy – ZePrA is very flexible and the quality is outstanding. I may choose between a simplified and automatic configuration while still having the possibility to define all variables in color management. Additionally, this flexibility allows me to respect all different behaviors of printers and material to ensure the best possible quality.“

Full-service inclusive

”Worth mentioning also is the fair price-quality-level and the update policy of ColorLogic”, adds Jan Lukat.  ”For this performance, I am more than willing to pay. Especially, because ColorLogic simplifies my daily work and I am convinced that it will continue to do so in the future”.

”To sum up, ZePrA gets a straight ”A“ from me. To go for an ”A+“ I would like to see an extended job report which stores all parameters and could be reused whenever required. Due to the large amount of possible combinations, a 100{cedd4cb8933c1ae244ab28f2a4631e72b556e08090156ee13644818c43a69f68} reproduction is only possible if you store the information long-term. In addition, I would like to see another software from ColorLogic which allows you to visualize an ICC/DeviceLink profile in combination with data and highlights the differences – some kind of PDF comparison tool including softproof and interpretation.”

”Beside ZePrA we are using additional ColorLogic solutions: CoPrA, ColorAnt, DocBees-Reprofiler, DocBees-ProfileManager. Our distributor, Impressed GmbH, located in Hamburg, introduced these ColorLogic products once to us. We would also like to thank the Impressed team at this time – their competent, friendly and customer-oriented support is great! The same is true for ColorLogic, and a special highlight is the cooperation between product technic and personal consulting service. No problems remain unsolved.“

ColorLogic releases CoPrA 6

ColorLogic GmbH has released its latest profiling solution CoPrA 6, a control center for ICC color profiling tasks. The most significant features are the new DeviceLink Iteration module

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ColorLogic releases Push-to-ZePrA

ColorLogic GmbH has announced Push-2-ZePrA, an Adobe Photoshop extension that allows color converting an image file with ColorLogic’s ZePrA Color Server from Photoshop.

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ZePrA 7 Released

ColorLogic GmbH has announced its latest smart color server, ZePrA 7. “ZePrA 7 has many additions and improvements, however most notably is the addition of PDF 2.0 Support. I am proud to say that ColorLogic

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EU Business Awards 2018 Winners Named

We are honored to announce that ColorLogic GmbH has been chosen as a winner of the 2018 EU Business Awards in the category of Best International Colour Management Technologies 2018- Westphalia!

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you for a wonderful 2018! Another busy and successful year and we could not have done it without the continuous support from our customers and partners. We are looking forward to all that 2019 will bring! The ColorLogic office in Rheine will be closed December 24th thru January 1st. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and prosperous 2019!

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