CrossXColor History

September 2019

CoPrA 6 Released

ColorLogic GmbH has released its latest profiling solution CoPrA 6, the control center for ICC color profiling tasks.

February 2019

ZePrA 7 Released

ColorLogic is proud to announce the release of ZePrA 7. The latest version of the smart color server has a host of new features, and includes features that are important specifically to the packaging sector. 

January 2019

Color Conference 2019

During the #Color2019 in San Diego, ColorLogic CTO Thorsten Braun’s presentation on the importance of Nailing Spot Color Reproduction was a large success, with only standing room left.

August 2018

ColorAnt 5 is Released

ColorLogic is proud to announce the release of ColorAnt 5. The latest version of the color correction and optimization tool includes new features and updates to existing functionalities. This update brings more powerful tools to the end user for day to day color management challenges.

March 2018

TAGA Annual Technical Conference

ColorLogic’s CTO Thorsten Braun discusses Creating, Analyzing and Optimizing Measurement Data for ICC Profiles at the TAGA Annual Technical Conference in Baltimore.

April 2018

CoPrA 5 is Released

ColorLogic is proud to announce the release of CoPrA 5! The latest version of the profiling solution includes new features and updates to existing functionalities. The application is now even faster and more interactive than ever before.

January 2018

Color Conference 2018

ColorLogic’s attendance at # Color2018 in San Diego was a great success. In addition to numerous interesting discussions and product demonstrations in the exhibitor area of ​​the conference, ColorLogic’s CTO Thorsten Braun showed how using the color server ZePrA makes the conversion of spot colors predictable, efficient and reliable.

September 2017

ZePrA 6 with PantoneLIVE Support Released

ColorLogic GmbH announced that it’s latest smart color server, ZePrA 6, now includes support for PantoneLIVE™, a cloud-based solution for digitally communicating color across the entire packaging workflow.  ZePrA 6 integrates PantoneLIVE in the Spot Color Module, allowing users to directly access spectral values of spot colors and use them for conversion tasks in ZePrA. With inclusion of PantoneLIVE, ZePrA is more versatile than ever before, ensuring that users have access to the most up to date color specifications regardless of where they are located. This ensures color consistency throughout any workflow, reducing opportunity for error, waste and rework.  

July 2017

ColorLogic ColorAnt is an InterTech Technology Award Recipient

Printing Industries of America has selected fourteen technologies to receive a 2017 InterTech Technology Award. The award is meant to honor unique and innovative technologies that are expected to advance the performance of the graphic communications industry. ColorLogic is proud to announce ColorAnt 4 is among those fourteen technologies receiving the 2017 InterTech Technology Award.

April 2017

ColorAnt 4 Released

This version contains the Measure Tool, which now supports the X-Rite i1iO and the Konica Minolta FD-9. Now it is also possible to change the print sequence of primary colors, to extract spot colors from PDF files and to export CxF/X4 files.

There is a new tool for white and black point modifications and many existing functions have been extended and optimized.

December 2016

ColorLogic is a Key Sponsor for the 2016 Color Conference

The annual Color Conference 2016, organized by the Printing Industry of America (PIA), took place in Phoenix, Arizona and ColorLogic participated for the first time as a Key Sponsor, also in order to meet the growing demand in the USA.

During the four days of the conference, we had the opportunity for numerous presentations, especially around the topic of ‘Extended Gamut’. ‘Multicolor’ was the main focus and many prospective clients were gained.

July 2012

CrossXColor, Inc. opens its branch office in Florida

In order to build a successful and skilled team in the USA, Barbara Braun-Metz and Thorsten Braun decided to guide it themselves on site. In July 2012 they launched the CrossXColor, Inc. branch office in Cape Coral, Florida.

January 2012

American partner company CrossXColor, Inc. founded

In order to competently and effectively meet the growing demand for ColorLogic products in the USA, Canada and South America, a strategic decision made. Merely establishing local sales partners appeared to be insufficient to address this important growth market. Therefore we decided to establish an independent subsidiary in the USA that would support our OEM partners and establish a sales network for North and South America.

We are an independent, technology driven company that creates strong and productive relationships between our partners, clients and our team.

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