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April 2017

ColorLogic ColorAnt is an InterTech Technology Award Recipient

Printing Industries of America has selected fourteen technologies to receive a 2017 InterTech Technology Award. The award is meant to honor unique and innovative technologies that are expected to advance the performance of the graphic communications industry. ColorLogic is proud to announce ColorAnt 4 is among those fourteen technologies receiving the 2017 InterTech Technology Award.

December 2016

ColorLogic is a Key Sponsor for the 2016 Color Conference

The annual Color Conference 2016, organized by the Printing Industry of America (PIA), took place in Phoenix, Arizona and ColorLogic participated for the first time as a Key Sponsor, also in order to meet the growing demand in the USA.

During the four days of the conference, we had the opportunity for numerous presentations, especially around the topic of ‘Extended Gamut’. ‘Multicolor’ was the main focus and many prospective clients were gained.

August 2014

ZePrA 4 brings the product range closer together

The close cooperation between the various ColorLogic products was also reflected in ZePrA 4, where the SmartLink module is supplemented by CoPrA SP (Serialized Profiles). This CoPrA version allowed creation of profiles and to define settings which could then easily be used in ZePrA.

ZePrA’s user interface was also newly designed and plainly structured, similar to that of CoPrA. The new transparency reduction allowed to properly convert even difficult PDF files containing transparencies that were previously problematic, whereby existing PDF elements remain preferably unchanged.

The easy to use auto wizard and the already available presets allow all users to create workflows quickly and reliably.

July 2012

CrossXColor, Inc. opens its branch office in Florida

In order to build a successful and skilled team in the USA, Barbara Braun-Metz and Thorsten Braun decided to guide it themselves on site. In July 2012 they launched the CrossXColor, Inc. branch office in Cape Coral, Florida.

January 2012

American partner company CrossXColor, Inc. founded

In order to competently and effectively meet the growing demand for ColorLogic products in the USA, Canada and South America, a strategic decision made. Merely establishing local sales partners appeared to be insufficient to address this important growth market. Therefore we decided to establish an independent subsidiary in the USA that would support our OEM partners and establish a sales network for North and South America.

We are an independent, technology driven company that creates strong and productive relationships between our partners, clients and our team.

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