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Color Management Solutions

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Measurement Data Optimization

An easy-to-use tool that measures, corrects and optimizes measurement data.

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Color Profiling

CoPrA is the control center for any profiling task. Create Printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles with Multicolor options.

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Smart Color Server

Integrate our Smart Color Server with SmartLink into an existing workflow for immediate results.


Success stories from users of ColorLogic's software

Utilizing DeviceLink Profiles at the ADDON Group

Utilizing DeviceLink Profiles at the ADDON GroupColorLogic GmbH24 February 2013Roman Bastian, Technical Manager, who is also responsible for color...

ZePrA Smart Color Server in use since 2013

ZePrA Smart Color Server in use since 2013 by the Office of Marketing Communications at Miami Dade CollegeColorLogic GmbH31 May 2018The Office of...

UBISOFT uses ColorLogic for Prepress needs

UBISOFT uses ColorLogic for Prepress needsColorLogic GmbH29 May 2017Testimonial from Ubisoft's PrePress Quality Manager UBISOFT is among the top 5...

R.R. Donnelley Europe decides on ColorLogic

R.R. Donnelley Europe decides on color management technology developed by ColorLogicColorLogic GmbH16 June 2008Since 2007 R.R. Donnelley...

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Why Choose ColorLogic Products?

We believe that it doesn’t matter where or how color needs to be expressed, start with the best technology available.

Color Focused

Continual Development

Easy-to-Use Tools

Flexible software packages

ColorLogic FAQ

Continual improvement on color technology is our primary business

Does ColorAnt support my device?

ColorLogic is continually improving integration of measurement devices. Here is a list of supported measurement devices.

Are your profiles proprietary?

ColorLogic’s profiles are ICC compliant. They can be utilized on any ICC aware application.

Does ZePrA support PDF/X?

Yes. ColorLogic software is continually updated to new standards.

Do you sell directly?

ColorLogic sells through a network of highly trained color management professionals. Each dealer has trained to provide the best options to our potential customers.

Can we get a trial version?

Yes, all ColorLogic software is available for a 2 week trial. A demo license is required to try all the software features.

Can we integrate your software?

ColorLogic software is based in ICC and PDF standards. We pride ourselves in having one of the truly open and flexible color management products available today.


CrossXColor, Inc. is the independent partner company of ColorLogic GmbH supporting their partners and customers in North and South America.

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