CrossXColor History

  • ColorAnt 10 Released

    December 2022

    ColorAnt 10 logo in white

    This latest version introduces groundbreaking features that enhance color correction, chart creation, and evaluation processes.

  • R

    ColorLogic GmbH earns Idealliance G7 System Certification on ColorAnt and CoPrA

    September 2023

    ColorAnt 9 and CoPrA 9 have achieved Idealliance’s G7 System Certificate. The certification program evaluates the ability of a software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition using four 1-D curves. 

  • CoPrA 10 Released

    September 2023

    CoPrA 10 logo in white.

    CoPrA 10 introduces a range of new capabilities and enhancements such as the improvement of Multicolor Generation, adding G7 Correction, and better support for 4CLR in DeviceLink profiling.

  • CoPrA 9 wins PRINTING United Alliance 2023 Pinnacle Product Award

    August 2023

    2023 Pinnacle Product Award logo

    CoPrA 9 has been honored with the prestigious PRINTING United Alliance 2023 Pinnacle Product Award in the Non-Output device category. 

  • ZePrA 11 Released

    May 2023

    ZePrA 11 logo in white

    ZePrA 11 focuses on optimizing and automating printing data to deliver smoother Multicolor workflows and high-quality spot color conversions for better sustainability.

  • ColorAnt 9 Released

    December 2022


    ColorAnt 9 enables automatic processing and optimization of measurement data with custom features and options with the new Workflow feature.

  • CoPrA 9 Released

    September 2022


    Some of the new features in CoPrA 9 are: a redesigned Update Profile tool, additional calculation capabilities to multicolor profile variants in the Printer Profiling module, various viewing options in the 3D gamut view, and an InkSplitting mode.

  • ZePrA 10 Released

    May 2022


    ZePrA 10 is the anticipated sequel to the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award winner, ZePrA 9. Among the most important innovations are the improved and expanded automation options such as the Command Line Interface (CLI) and Job Control Files.

  • ColorAnt 8 Released

    December 2021

    White ColorAnt 8 Logo

    ColorAnt 8 brings overall new capabilities and enhancements such as a new InkSplitting mode, a new Find function in the View dialog, additional TAC limit options and support for mixed CxF files.

  • CoPrA 8 Released

    September 2021


    CoPrA 8 brings increased automation and efficiency to everyday tasks such as a redesigned DeviceLink Editing module, improvement of the Image Conversion tool, and enhanced auto Rendering for DeviceLinks.

  • ZePrA 9 Released

    May 2021


    ZePrA 9 improves upon current tools and adds new features such as the Spot Color Iteration and DeviceLink Iteration Wizards. The Adobe Photoshop extension, Push-2-ZePrA, now has client-server capabilities. 

  • ColorAnt 7 Released

    December 2020


    ColorAnt 7 introduces new features and improvements to its current tools. The Proof Evaluation tool for Contract and Validation Print assessments is a new feature out of several in this version of ColorAnt

  • CoPrA 7 Released

    September 2020


    CoPrA 7 is the latest version of ColorLogic’s profiling software that delivers even more capabilities and enhancements for a user’s workflow.

  • ZePrA 8 Released

    April 2020


    ZePrA 8 offers many new capabilities and improvements such as the new Auto Setup Wizard, an improved Search option in the Configuration and Queues modules, and the ability to customize opacity values in spot colors.

  • ColorAnt 6 Released

    January 2020


    ColorAnt 6 is an extensive update with many helpful new features and some redesigned dialogs, which are now clearer and easier to use.

  • CoPrA 6 Released

    September 2019


    The most significant features in this release of CoPrA 7, are the new DeviceLink Iteration module and the SaveInk module, which now includes support for multicolor DeviceLink ink save profiles.

  • ZePrA 7 Released

    February 2019


    ZePrA 7 now supports PDF 2.0 and ISO-19593-1:2018, specifically for the packaging sector. Some of the additional features are Restore Configuration, support for non-printing elements and PDF layers, as well as the preservation and color conversion of Photoshop PSD and TIFF layers. 

  • CoPrA 5 Released

    April 2018


    Version 5 of CoPrA is a major upgrade to ColorLogic’s profiling software. There are new features such as the DeviceLink Linearization module. 

  • ColorAnt 5 Released

    August 2018


    ColorAnt 5 is a major upgrade containing many new features and improvements of its existing tools requested by customers. The addition of ISO 20654 (SCTV) and CxF/X-4 standards are more accessible to end-users. 

  • ZePrA 6 with PantoneLIVE Support Released

    September 2017


    ZePrA 6 introduces new features to expand the versatility of the color server. It now offers a connection to the cloud services by PantoneLIVE and this version of ZePrA improves the conversion of spot colors to process colors through iteration. 

  • ColorAnt 4 Released

    April 2017


    ColorAnt 4 not only expands current functionalities to its tools, but it also introduces additional support for color measurement device devices such as the X-Rite i1iO, X-Rite eXact and Konica Minolta’s ultra fast strip reader, the FD-9.

  • ZePrA 5 - Now Available

    June 2016


    ZePrA 5 includes approximately 120 new features and customer requested improvements, and a newly designed Online Help section. The latest version improves speed performance through multithreading.

  • CoPrA 4 - The complete profiling solution

    April 2016


    CoPrA 4 is the most comprehensive profiling solution with the integration of the re-profiling technology for output and DeviceLink profiles. It is complemented by a number of improvements in the areas of gamut mapping, accuracy and softness of profiles. 

  • ColorAnt 3 Released

    March 2015


    ColorAnt 3 has a new user interface and new features such as the CIE Conversion tool and the Edit Primaries tool. This version now has support for the CxF/x-4 format.

  • ZePrA 4 - Brings the product range closer together

    August 2014


    ZePrA 4 has a redesigned user interface and its UI structure is similar to that of CoPrA. New features such as the auto set-up wizard and available presets allows all users to create workflows quickly. 

  • Release of CoPrA 3 - In a new "outfit"

    May 2014


    CoPra 3 brings a new design, new features, and improvements of its current profiling tools. The new user-interface is plainly structured with distinct application areas and new features.

  • ColorAnt 2.0 Released

    April 2013


    The tools in ColorAnt 2 generate, analyze and process spectral data. The latest version now considers the special requirements for flexographic printing, including the exceptional gradation in the highlights.

  • CrossXColor Inc. opens its branch office in Florida

    July 2012


    In order to build a successful and competent team in the USA, Barbara Braun-Metz and Thorsten Braun decided to guide it themselves on site. In July 2012 they launched the CrossXColor, Inc. branch office in Cape Coral, Florida.

  • American partner company CrossXColor, Inc. founded

    January 2012


    In order to competently and effectively meet the growing demand for ColorLogic products in the USA, Canada and South America, a strategic decision was made. We decided to establish an independent subsidiary in the USA that would support our OEM partners and establish a sales network for North and South America.


CrossXColor, Inc. is the independent partner company of ColorLogic GmbH supporting their partners and customers in North and South America.

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