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Understanding the needs of the American Print market and focussing on the best possible support was the reason to found a US-based partner company for ColorLogic GmbH. Since 2012, we serve the printing industry in the United States, Canada and South America and help the development team of ColorLogic GmbH in Germany to improve their first-class technology and products.

This close partnership is the foundation to bring innovative color management solutions developed in Germany to the US market and ensure the best possible support and communication with our partners and customers.

Focused on long term

“CrossXColor’s goal is to continuously evolve our technology and products”

Barbara Braun-Metz | CEO

Continually developing for diverse markets

“ColorLogic is continually developing new color technology to address emerging print technologies”

Thorsten Braun | CTO

Color Expertise

ColorLogic is a wholly owned technology driven company developing first class color management technologies and products.

“We pride ourselves on maintaining focus on the continual improvement of color technology.”

With the combined expertise of the ColorLogic team, we have built a solid foundation which allows us to consistently meet the high demands of the industry and to continue be the most innovative and trustworthy partner when it comes to color.

CrossXColor’s Leadership Team


Thorsten Braun


  • Previously Chief Technologist and R&D Manager at LOGO (purchased by GretagMacbeth)
  • Developed and wrote ProfileMaker

Barbara Braun-Metz


  • 8 years experience in the Graphic Arts / Prepress Industry
  • Worked 7 years as an Applications Specialist, Product Manager, Marketing Manager and OEM Manager for Dalim GmbH, Quark Inc. and GretagMacbeth AG

CrossXColor, Inc. is the independent partner company of ColorLogic supporting their partners and customers in North and South America.

CrossXColor, Inc.
U.S. partner of ColorLogic
1212 Country Club Blvd., Suite 301
Cape Coral, FL 33990

Phone: 239-540-5722


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All products offered and supported by CrossXColor, Inc. are developed by ColorLogic, part of Hybrid Software Group located in Germany, and therefore the End User License Agreement (EULA) and Terms and Conditions are defined according to German Law.