Profile in any Color Space

The control center for any profiling task. CoPrA creates high quality ICC Printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles with a user friendly interface for any color space


Profile in any Color Space

Key Features

ColorLogic’s CoPrA offers some of the most intelligent and advanced profiling tools in the industry today.


Printer Profiles

Profile Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK and Multicolor color spaces


Update Profiles

Update ICC printer and DeviceLink profiles to new printing conditions


Flexo Printing Features

Utilize Firt Printed tone options to create the ideal Flexo profiles


DeviceLink Profiles

Generate DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of colorspaces


Visual DeviceLink Editing

Edit charts in popular image editing tools and create a DeviceLink profile


Ink Saving Profiles

Create Ink Saving DeviceLink profiles with a variety of presets including Multicolor

G7 Certification logo

The G7® System Certification was awarded to CoPrA 9, which shares the same technology as the current CoPrA version.

Get the latest version

CoPrA 10 | New Features

Includes powerful new productivity features


New Feature "Channel Settings"

Allows automatic or user defined channel definition


G7® Method

Apply G7® standard to ICC profiles and DeviceLinks


Improved DeviceLink Editing

Simplified profile selection and improved Patch information


Speed Boost for Profile Calculation

Further increased profile calculation speed for Mac computers


Improved Linearization Profile Report

G7 evaluation now included in Linearization report


Improved Automatic Rendering

Optimized color reproduction when using automatic rendering modes in DeviceLink creation. 


Improved DeviceLink Creation

Support for DeviceLinks with embedded profiles


Improved Image Conversion

New zoom function in image preview

New Features Overview

Standard Packages

ColorLogic software is flexible and customizable to adapt to ever changing profiling needs. CoPrA’s advanced features can be added as needed.


Add-On Modules and Requirements

Add individual modules to almost any of our base packages.

DeviceLink Icon

DeviceLink Profile Module

Create DeviceLinks for Gray, RGB, CMYK, DeviceLink Recalcuation and Linearization


SaveInk Module

Create SaveInk DeviceLink Profiles for various print methods


DeviceLink Edit Module

Creates DeviceLink profiles based on Editing for Gray, RGB, CMYK

Multicolor module icon

Multicolor Module for CoPrA and ZePrA

Enables Multicolor support for ZePrA and CoPrA. Includes Printer and/or DeviceLink profiling and/or Editing

Multicolor module icon

Multicolor Module

Multicolor support for Printer and/or DeviceLink profiling and/or Editing

Technical Features
and Requirements

CoPrA produces high quality profiles with just a few clicks on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems

System Requirements


  • macOS® 14 Sonoma
  • macOS® or macOS® Server Version 10.15.x and higher
  • ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA run on Apple M1 chip systems


  • Microsoft® Windows® 11
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10



  • CoPrA, ColorAnt , Measure Tool and ZePrA run in 64-bit mode


  • CoPrA, ColorAnt , Measure Tool and ZePrA run in 64-bit mode

Recommended Hardware

  • Minimum Dual Core Processor (Quad Core or more recommended)
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Minimum 1280 × 1024 (or higher) recommended

Create Industry Standard Profiles

ColorLogic’s profiling technology is ICC compliant. Profiles may be used on any ICC aware system.


Includes ColorAnt Measure Tool

Measure charts using popular devices directly into CoPrA


What's Included?

  • CoPrA
  • USB stick (dongle) or Computer based license
  • ColorAnt M is included with CoPrA M to XL
  • ColorAnt L is included with CoPrA XXL

What is a Software Maintenance Agreement?

Keep Applications Up-To-Date

The SMA is an annual plan which provides an upgrade to the latest version of the application at no additional charge to the end user.

Major Upgrades Included

Anytime ColorLogic releases a new major version, a license is automatically sent to all users with a valid SMA.

Why Purchase?

ColorLogic highly encourages the add-on of the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) to the purchase of ColorAnt, CoPrA, or ZePrA to keep all applications up-to-date.

Purchasing Process

Contact a ColorLogic representative about purchasing an SMA and take advantage of this hassle-free way of receiving the latest features and tools with every release.


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