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ColorLogic’s ZePrA 4.5 is Now Available

ColorLogic GmbH

29 May 2017

The new software update of ColorLogic’s color server, ZePrA 4.5, is now available. In addition to several improvements and bug fixes the new version comes with three major improvements:

  1. Significant improvements of the conversion of PDF data which contains overprinting objects. Read more. 
  2. There are several improvements to the speed and quality of spot color conversion. The Spot Color Module is useful for proofing scenarios. Read more.
  3. All profiles in the DLS Basic package are now part of the ZePrA 4.5 Basic package.

There is a requirement for all former ZePrA customers (including ZePrA 4 customers) to purchase this upgrade in order to access the new ZePrA 4.5. ZePrA 4 licenses will no longer be valid for ZePrA 4.5 and a warning message will be displayed. You will need a new license which you can order from your preferred ColorLogic dealer. Customers with a valid software maintenance agreement are entitled to a free upgrade. This also includes customers who ordered ZePrA after June 1st.

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