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ZePrA 5 Released

ColorLogic GmbH

28 September 2016

ColorLogic GmbH announces the release of ZePrA 5, the latest version of the company’s smart color server. This release includes approximately 120 new features, customer-requested improvements, and a redesign of the Online Help section. All these new features and enhancements provide an exceptional customer experience.

The company took special attention to usability speed improvements, which occur through multithreading. This allows ZePrA to take advantage of modern multicore CPUs and thus, dramatically reduces processing time. All users requiring a high throughput, such as online printers, will benefit from this major improvement.

The Spot Color Report feature is a new addition to ZePrA, in an effort to optimize spot color handling and improve spot color pre-check. Now, a user will be able to check the color conversion of spot colors prior to printing, which helps to control production and avoids misprints.

Additionally, ZePrA offers a cloud functionality with the automatic import of color libraries and configurations. This addition creates better efficiency for companies with multiple ZePrA installations. An addition to the perceptual rendering option for SmartLink Conversion, is Minimal Compression. This was seen in ColorLogic’s CoPrA and is now available in ZePrA. These are several of many features, which were added or improved, in this latest version of ZePrA. Please take a moment to view the What’s New section for further details on these features.

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