IWCO Direct Uses the ColorLogic Complete Solution to Automate Their Color Game

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21 July 2021

IWCO Direct is a data-driven marketing firm headquartered in Minnesota, USA. We produce our clients’ direct mail marketing materials using multiple print technologies (digital, litho, flexo) across several facilities.

Mr. Todryk and learning about ColorLogic software

I have been with the company for six years on the Color Technical Support (CTS) team, which is in charge of all color related activities including press calibrations, color management philosophy and implementation, ICC profile creation, and maintaining our G7 Master Printer Colorspace status across all printing technologies.

We were using Bodoni’s pressSIGN as one of our process control solutions and began our search for a color server in 2017. We first heard about ColorLogic and ZePrA from Bodoni. Bodoni provided a demonstration ZePrA for us, and we were impressed. We continued our due diligence and looked at a number of solutions. After a year of careful review, we opted to use ZePrA and did our first install in 2018.

Using ZePrA

Our first use of ZePrA was to normalize color spaces and profiles in PDF assets for our digital devices as well as stabilize some assets on the litho side. The interface is intuitive, and it didn’t take long to setup. We immediately began to see improvements in our workflow, with fewer RIP issues on our digital presses and reduced make-ready on our litho presses. The hot folder structure makes it easy to integrate with other software tools. We have experimented with the Spot Color Iteration features and are going to start pushing the boundaries with this tool in the near future. 

CoPrA and ColorAnt

Our experience with ColorLogic has been great. We have added CoPrA and ColorAnt to our arsenal as well. The Customer Service and Technical Support teams at ColorLogic have been incredibly responsive the few times we have needed them. I would recommend ColorLogic products to any color professional looking to refine and automate their color game.


Mike Todryk, Color Technical Specialist

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