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Hybrid Software Group Acquires ColorLogic GmbH

ColorLogic GmbH

28 October 21

Cambridge (UK), 28 October 2021 (17:45 CEST): Hybrid Software Group PLC (Euronext: HYSG) (the “Company”) announces the acquirement of the entire issuance of share capital of ColorLogic GmbH (“ColorLogic”) on 27 October 2021. ColorLogic GmbH was founded in 2002 and has its registered office in Rheine, Germany.

ColorLogic GmbH has an extensive portfolio of color profiling and conversion software. They recently won the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award from the PRINTING United Alliance. Its products are sold worldwide to not only end-users, who have stringent requirements for color quality, but also to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of printing equipment.   

Statement from CEO of Hybrid Software Group

Hybrid Software Group CEO Mike Rottenborn comments, “Our Harlequin RIP is the market leader in speed and quality for digital printing, which many industry-leading OEMs use. However, its color management has historically built around the 4-color CMYK process. As the production of labels and packaging shifts to digital printing, there is a bigger need for more capable 7-color print devices to provide a color-accurate match of brand colors. ColorLogic has long been respected as an industry leader in extended gamut color management, and their tools provide the perfect combination of speed and quality for these demanding applications. ColorLogic will become the fifth operating company in Hybrid Software Group. They join Global Graphics Software, HYBRID Software, Meteor Inkjet, and Xitron. Its products and technology will enhance the offerings of all of these companies.”

Statement from CEO of ColorLogic GmbH

Barbara Braun-Metz, ColorLogic’s Founder and CEO, adds, “I founded ColorLogic almost 20 years ago.Together with the help of my great team we are proud to say that we are the leading developers of high-end color management technologies. We have great products which print production around the world use on a daily basis. Additionally, we have numerous partners which use our technology to develop outstanding products on top of it.  Now we are ready for the next big step – to ensure the future development of our technology and our products. We decided to join forces with Hybrid Software Group PLC. This allows us to grow and allocate the resources needed for future requirements while continuing to provide uninterrupted support for our existing customers and partners.”

Distribution of ColorLogic products continues through CrossXColor, Inc. and its partners. The ColorLogic GmbH team will remain in the form that customers and partners know. ColorLogic will continue to focus primarily on the development of first-class color management technology.

CrossXColor and its partners will continue to handle the distribution of ColorLogic’s well-known products of ZePrA, CoPrA and ColorAntThis will not change anything for customers and retail partners for the foreseeable future. You can continue to rely on the usual first-class quality of products and partner support.

Additional information about Hybrid Software Group PLC

About Hybrid Software Group: Through its operating subsidiaries, Hybrid Software Group PLC (Euronext: HYSG) is a leading developer of enterprise software for industrial print manufacturing. Customers include press manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Durst, Roland, Hymmen, and hundreds of packaging printers, trade shops, and converters worldwide.

Hybrid Software Group PLC has its headquarters in Cambridge UK. Its subsidiary companies are printing software developers Global Graphics Software; enterprise software developer HYBRID Software; the industrial printhead driver solutions specialists, Meteor Inkjet; pre-press workflow developer Xitron; and most recently color technology developer ColorLogic.

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