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ColorLogic & CADDON Announce Tech Partnership

ColorLogic GmbH

03 May 2016

Rheine, Germany, May 2nd, 2016: ColorLogic GmbH and CADDON printing & imaging GmbH will partner to streamline the exchange of measurement data between their respective products. Accurate spectral measurement data is essential for successful color management. This includes material that is difficult to measure, such as heavily textured fabrics. The CADDON product, can:scan, will support test charts which are necessary to profile various colorspaces with ColorLogic products.

CADDON + ColorLogic’s CoPrA

“The CADDON solutions are used inside the textile production chain for both sourcing and visualization on the screen in our viewing box, can:view,” says Vladimir Gajic, Senior Color Specialist at CADDON printing & imaging GmbH. Additionally, he states,“CADDON uses ColorLogic’s profiling solution, CoPrA, to profile printing systems to create high quality print and proof samples. These samples are typically verified under D65 light source with the 10 degree observer.”

“This co-operation with CADDON’s can:scan creates a potential for quality improvements in the packaging industry as well,” states Dietmar Fuchs, Product Manager at ColorLogic GmbH. He also adds, “By working together with CADDON, the accuracy of spectral measurement such as structured or translucent material can dramatically increase. With such materials, traditional measuring devices and methods, have reached their limits.”

About ColorLogic GmbH: A leader in providing technology and innovation for advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, gravure, packaging, digital, large-format and multicolor printers in the color management arena. Utilizing industry knowledge, extensive product offerings and advanced technological capabilities, ColorLogic GmbH develops solutions for customers worldwide. ColorLogic’s software products include ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA, which provide an unparalleled range of color management technology.


About CADDON printing & imaging GmbH: CADDON Printing & Imaging GmbH in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, founded in 1988, offers custom-tailored software and hardware solutions in conjunction with manufacturer-independent advice for everything from the system-controlled monitoring of the printer fleet to the calibration of monitors, printers and innovative multi-spectral color measurement. The fact that the latest color and printing technologies are taken into account is a natural result of CADDON’s standard to provide professional services. CADDON’s multi-spectral measurement revolutionizes iterative camping processes for production in the textile chain, as well as in automotive, home interior, and media services.

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