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ColorLogic Announces the Release of ColorAnt 9

New Workflow feature provides automation and increases efficiency

ColorLogic GmbH

13 December 2022

RHEINE, GERMANY — ColorLogic GmbH, a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group, has released ColorAnt 9, an advanced color measurement and correction tool that creates, analyzes and optimizes measurement data. ColorAnt 9 enables automatic processing and optimization of measurement data with custom features and options with the new Workflow feature. The application of various tools for data processing can be defined and adapted to the requirements of specific jobs, allowing measurement data to be automatically processed in a precisely specified manner.

ColorAnt 9 brings a new capabilities and enhancements to the features used every day. Combined CxF files can now contain various measurement sets, and such files can now also be generated directly in ColorAnt. Tone value correction curves can now be saved as txt files. The Color Editor now warns for colors outside of the monitor gamut. Also the CIE Conversion can also be applied to colorimetric data (XYZ or Lab). This uses a Color Appearance Transformation (CAT) based on CIECAM02.

“ColorAnt 9 integrates a new workflow tool for customized processing of measurement data enabling more automation, and enables our end-users to streamline their production,” states Thorsten Braun, CTO of ColorLogic. “In addition, we improved many tools including 3D view, data comparison, CxF support, and transmissive measuring with the Barbieri LFP.”

Users will benefit from ColorAnt 9’s system enhancements. The Measure Tool can now be integrated into other software using the provided CLI interface, as well as support Native M1 (ARM).

About ColorAnt: ColorAnt is an award-winning, easy-to-use tool that corrects and optimizes measurement data prior to profiling. ColorAnt produces immediate results working standalone, integrated into an existing workflow, or in conjunction with other ColorLogic solutions. ColorLogic users will find ColorAnt available in two packages that can be purchased by contacting a ColorLogic Dealer. More details about ColorAnt can be found here.


About ColorLogic GmbH: ColorLogic GmbH is an award-winning, global company committed to providing the most advanced software technology in color management. Their suite of products also includes CoPrA and ZePrA, which offer an unparalleled range of color management technology with a high level of automation possibilities. ColorLogic GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group PLC (Euronext: HYSG). 

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