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15 August 2016

Interview with Frank Dröge, Manager Prepress at backesDruck in Langenfeld, Germany

When did you start using ColorLogic’s CoPrA?

After I used PrintOpen from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and Gretag Macbeth’s ProfileMaker for a couple of years to solve the typical tasks of creating printer profiles for digital Proofs and LFP printers, the innovative DeviceLink technology raised my attention. This technology was integrated into the first version of CoPrA.

How did you learn about ColorLogic as a solution?

I first recognized ColorLogic through a demo version of their Adobe Photoshop plug-in CoLiPri. We were searching for a better possibility to convert images. ColorLogic’s exclusive rendering intents allowed us to achieve better results than anything we could do inside Photoshop. This was the main reason I decided to purchase CoPrA including the modules DeviceLink, DeviceLink Edit and ColorAnt (now CoPrA L), which I never regretted.

What are the greatest advantages of using CoPrA?

The quality improvements based on the outstanding measurement data correction in ColorAnt is essential in the LFP area. Especially the very harmonically smooth ICC profiles simplifies the daily production to a great extent. I am absolutely impressed by the opportunities based on their DeviceLink technology. The CoPrA DeviceLink profiles allow an easy handling of color conversions in printing.

Of course the print results are the most important criteria however I do also have a strong opinion about the product quality of ColorLogic’s software solutions. Rarely was I able to work with such reliable and stable applications. I only know the software working under Mac OS X, but there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Easy installation without huge installers, no complex system requirements and also updating the programs is not complicated at all. On top of it all, it is a clear design user interface without any useless gimmicks, simply drag-n-drop wherever it makes sense and that’s it.

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