Graphics Eujoa, S.A., trusts ColorLogic for color management needs

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15 August 2016

Today’s printing market can be challenging especially with the ever changing needs that requires flexibility and specialized solutions. We spoke with Mr. Francisco Garciageneral manager of the printing company Graphics Eujoa, S. A. in Meres, Spain, who is primarily responsible for the company’s strategy and future business development.

Briefly describe your company:

Since 1980, Graphics Eujoa has offered complete printing services to customers in northwestern Spain. Staffed with 42 industry professionals, over 400 customers are served unstintingly with the utmost dedication. With a modern means of production, as well as a well-planned auxiliary equipment, our production process consistently provides high quality results. Having a 3,000 square meter fully air-conditioned facility ensures that Graphics Eujoa can face the challenges that the market imposes daily including tight deadlines, competitive prices and assured quality.

Tell us how ColorLogic products are utllized

The workflow system we had been using became obsolete so we began requesting information from the various companies with color management solutions on the market. We located some of these companies online and some were connections through our regular suppliers. We were evaluating the various options available and, in the end, determined that the solution ColorLogic offered was a great balance between price, quality, ease of use and reliable output quality while working in an environment which requires use of many color spaces including extended gamut.

ZePrA color server has excellent performance, allowing us to create multiple queues for color processing in an easy and intuitive way.

What benefits have you seen since implementing ColorLogic ZePrA?

It is normal for our clients to work in various environments ranging from art catalogs to working on lightweight papers intended for mailing. For us, it is essential to make workflows categorized by type of media, where we have predictable color output and are able to to convert and optimize files according to the media on which will be printed. ColorLogic ZePrA offers all this functionality and quality and convinced us during the tests.

How has quality improved by implementing ColorLogic software?

There has been a great improvement in the quality of our work with the various reference profiles and the ability to get a consistent environment in color reproduction. Additionally, the SmartLink technology helps us immensely with getting the right color conversion.

Do you think the support received both pre-sale and post-sale has been satisfactory?

I can only say that it has been “impeccable”. The first contact with ColorLogic was a online request for a demo license, which allowed us to immediately and effectively start working with the software. We then had the local distributor id-Soft in our facility for in-depth training for setup. Since then, we have only needed brief online support for software maintenance and upgrades.

“ColorLogic ZePrA offers all this functionality and quality and convinced us during the tests.”

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