ZePrA Smart Color Server in use since 2013 by the Office of Marketing Communications at Miami Dade College

ColorLogic GmbH

31 May 2018

The Office of Marketing Communications at Miami Dade College has been using ColorLogic’s ZePrA Smart Color Server since August of 2013. Prior to using ColorLogic, color space conversions were not as accurate, color gradations contained banding and resulting files were very large.

Our office deals with color space conversion of large files for newsprint, digital, offset and sheetfed on a daily basis. ColorLogic is fast, accurate, flexible and adapts well to our work environment.

ColorLogic drastically reduced our final output file size by over 500 percent (compared to the system we previously had in place), which means faster conversion and transfer time. In most cases, ColorLogic does not need to rasterize the file to process to a new color space, which is necessary for many other products. The ColorLogic solution is simply much faster and more efficient than anything else we have seen.

The transition to ColorLogic was simple. The installation and integration to our workflow was seamless. The setup was done by Rick Dieguez of Grafix World in Miami, a ColorLogic representative. The color server was up and running almost immediately.Since upgrading our color server to ZePrA, we have experienced faster processing times with accurate results and superior customer support from our local representative. Rick has our color management system working like clockwork. As long as our proofer is calibrated and the images are color corrected to the profile being targeted, ZePrA just works reliably in the background.


Ricardo Delgado
Senior Graphic Designer

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