Austria’s Greenest Printing Company Relies on ColorLogic

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08 March 2019

“Brands and media for tomorrow and an economy for our children’s future.”

That’s the motto of the printing company gugler*. Founded in 1989, the family-owned company now calls itself the greenest printing company in Austria and proves this with numerous awards. The full service marketing and communications agency has a total of around 120 employees. The company has two locations: 1) the gugler* DruckSinn print facility in Melk and 2) the brand and digital agency, gugler* MarkenSinn, in St. Pölten.

For more than 30 years, gugler* has shown that there is another way: be economically successful in the long term while still being eco-friendly, sustainable and mindful. In 2011, for example, the gugler* DruckSinn printing company was the first provider of Cradle to Cradle Certified® print products. However, much emphasis is also given to the beauty of the products and sophisticated production know-how. Books and publications of all kinds, mailings, 3D specials, Print Classic – every print product is created with great attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology.

Top-class products thanks to top-class software

Florian Gröschl is responsible for digitization and process management at gugler*. He is familiar with all workflow processes and understands the importance of high-quality software to create high-quality products. Especially in light of the continuous and consistent circular economy embraced by gugler*.

Florian Gröschl explains why their company uses ColorLogic products:

“In mid-2020, we decided to print according to the current PSO (FOGRA51 + FOGRA52). With the large amount of differently supplied print data, we quickly realized that we would not be able to get by with the ECI’s free profiles. Since we had also made the switch to Cradle To Cradle Gold at the same time, we had to create individualized profiles anyway. As we have been using CoPrA since the very beginning – back then still called “CoLiPri” – the decision to obtain the update was not difficult. The addition of the ZePrA color server was then the next logical step, which has enormously simplified the complexity of queries for source and target profiles due to the SmartLink technology.”

Gugler now uses ISO12647 as its process standard and is thus committed to the highest requirements. Florian Gröschl explains: “To meet this high quality standard, we need an equally high level of security and flexibility in production. We can rely 100% on ColorLogic’s ZePrA color server. Every print product that leaves our company has gone through the color server.”

Minimum effort, maximum results

“ColorLogic products can be integrated into a workflow almost seamlessly. Apart from a few minor adjustments, there was little to do, so that the employees were quickly trained,” Florian Gröschl explains working with ZePrA.” Right from the first day, colleagues were relieved because they only had to specify a target profile and no longer had to analyze the data for its source color spaces. This means that a user-friendly workflow can be developed in just a few steps, which is enormously productive, especially when converting from ISO coated v2 to the PSO coated v3 standard.”

“In my opinion, if you are a print shop or service provider and you value optimum color reproduction, there is no getting around CoPrA and ZePrA,” Gröschl concludes. “For me, I can no longer imagine our production without the SmartLink technology, or the high flexibility and the reliability of the ColorLogic products.”

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